A decision on whether to build 37 affordable homes on green space in St John’s has been delayed again for further studies.

Fortis Living plan to demolish an existing house on Hopton Street to gain access to the site and build the homes on roughly half of Sanctuary Park – a field surrounding Windsor Avenue allotments and next to St John’s cemetery.

But councillors agreed to defer a decision so more studies could be carried out on flooding in the park.

A decision was due at a city council planning meeting in August but the item was removed from the agenda so further consultation and studies could be carried out.

More than 40 online comments and letters were sent to city council planners objecting to the plan, most of which criticised the destruction of one of St John’s few green spaces and the damage it would cause to wildlife.

Fortis plan to reduce flooding in the area through the use of a pump. Councillors sought reassurances that it would work, would be maintained by the housing association and a back-up plan was put in place.

Councillors on the planning committee did say a deferred decision did not mean the development would be rejected at the next meeting.