West Mercia police officers are using a new app to help pinpoint the location of people in need.

The location technology called What3Words has divided the world into 3mx3m squares. Each square has been allocated a unique three word address which anyone can refer to their exact location by using three randomly chosen words.

Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan said: “Being able to identify a caller’s exact location is incredibly important as sometimes when people call us it can be difficult for them to identify their exact location.

“This app is proving really useful as it can pinpoint someone’s location no matter where they are – by the side of a motorway or in a rural location. This means we can quickly establish where people are so we can get to them as quickly as possible which could really help save lives.

“In fact it has already helped us locate people and vehicles involved in road traffic collisions so we are really starting to see the benefits of the app. I would like to encourage people to download it to their mobile phones as it is free to use.”

The app, which also works when there is no data connection as it will operate offline via GPS is available to download via the What3Words website, the App Store or Google Play.