Worcester’s Foodbank Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal

Instead of indulging into an advent calendar this Christmas, why not join Worcester’s Foodbank new exciting project and help put an end to food poverty this Christmas.

With Christmas fast approaching, the Foodbank have decided to launch a new appeal known as the Reverse Advent Calendar, in order to make sure their shelves are stocked up in this festive period, to help those most in need.

The Reverse Advent Calendar differs from the traditional calendar and  involves replacing the chocolate treats with an item of food. The community are being asked to put aside an item of food into a box everyday to join in on the countdown to Christmas. Its a great way for the community to come together and for you to help someone out. Volunteers have handed out almost five thousand three day food parcels in the last twelve months, so the Christmas period is expected to be busy.

The Foodbank will be grateful for any food donated, if this is an opportunity that interests you make sure to check out the Foodbank’s website for more details.

You can catch the Manager Grahame Lucas on the Breakfast show from 8.15 tomorrow, giving more details on this exciting appeal.

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