Youthcomm are excited to be co-sponsoring Worcester Street Sixes 2016!

Youthcomm are excited to be co-sponsoring Worcester Street Sixes 2016 alongside Parkinson Wright Quality Solicitors, Sanlam and Modus. HOWZAT! We will be broadcasting promotions leading up to the event and on the day. Presenter Liam Cash and the Youthcomm team will be hosting the entertainment during the sporting with PA commentary and music.

Worcestershire Cricket & our partners are running Worcestershire’s first ever street sixes tournament, proudly supported by Quality Solicitors Parkinson Wright. This is a great competition of softball cricket being played on Angel Place on Tuesday 19th July, yes the middle of the street on a Tuesday afternoon! The event aims to bring corporates from across the county to take part in a fun and fast format which is aimed at all sexes and abilities, from complete beginners to past cricketers. All ages 18+ are welcome to take part in this exciting new competition which will help bring your colleagues together and create some team spirit, all in a place where there are “no ball games allowed”.

The aim of the competition is to bring the corporate community together to raise funds to take cricket into disadvantaged communities, where young people have limited opportunities. So not only will you enjoy a great day with colleagues but you’ll also be assisting in making a real difference to young people who may need a helping hand. So if you fancy entering an work team into our Worcestershire Street Sixes? Have a great time with colleagues, build some rapport whilst also raising funds for a very worthy cause? Then read on for more information on how to enter your team.

Our aim:

Many of you may not be aware of how Moeen started his cricket journey. Moeen started playing cricket with his friends on the streets of Birmingham where his passion, ambition and talent for the game as well as his desire has enabled him to become an international icon. Inspiring many young people who want to follow in his footsteps in playing cricket for their country. We know for every Moeen there are hundreds if not thousands of young people who unfortunately will never represent their country at the highest level. These are the youngsters who may have different dreams and aspirations, of moving from challenging areas to becoming professional accountants, architects or pursuing other careers.

Have fun! Play softball cricket where there are “no ball games allowed”

Bring the business community together, all through the unique power of cricket, in order to help raise funds for a very worthy cause.

Help bring your teams together to take part in a great event for everyone, from your CEO to your office cleaner.

Change perceptions of cricket, it’s a fun, fast paced game for everyone, that can be played anywhere.


Where will the funds go?

The funds raised from this event will help us take cricket to the most deprived areas across the county, where young people have limited opportunities to engage, which generally tends to be a start point for petit crime and poor life choices, which if unchallenged can take them down a very slippery slope.

Through our street cricket programme we will engage young people through cricket and then educate them by helping them write CV’s, improve interview techniques as well as train them to deliver and sustain the street cricket programme itself, for other young people. Helping young people develop confidence, leadership and communications skills, as well as helping them gain valuable experience for when they seek employment in later life.

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